Contract V. Turnkey Manufacturing

Supplement manufacturing in-house, though desirable, may not be feasible. Materials and time are finite resources, and manufacturing expertise is costly. The former should not prevent your supplement production goals. 

Presumably, you stumbled across this post with the intent of learning more about supplement manufacturing and the resources available to you. Below we will detail two supplement supports new businesses often seek out as they begin their production process: 

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Turnkey Manufacturing

The manufacturing models offer different levels of supports for business owners. 

Defining Contract Manufacturing

It is a form of outsourcing—an agreement between a manufacturer and company. The manufacturer will make products, or product components, on an agreeable, predetermined timeline. 

After the contract manufacturer completes their manufacturing portion, the outsourcing company will use the product in their own manufacturing. If the contract manufacturer is wholly producing the product for the outsourcing company, they will then return the completed product. 

Contract manufacturing is a form of third-party outsourcing. 

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing offers a solution to the finite nature of manufacturing and production. Though not exhaustive, below you will find the primary benefits of contract manufacturing:

  • Secure Market Entry: allows companies to produce consistent, quality products
  • Increased Field Knowledge: access expert knowledge while retaining ownership
  • Lowered Costs: outsourcing decreases machinery and staffing expenses

Defining Turnkey Manufacturing

Turnkey manufacturing offers the same baseline supports as contract manufacturing. Agreements are made between a manufacturer and company. The manufacturer then makes products, or product components, on an agreeable, predetermined timeline. 

So where does turnkey manufacturing differ? 

Through additional secondary services—covering clients from production to fulfillment. While standard contract manufacturing only outsources the production of your product, turnkey services fulfill supplement composition, form, production, packaging and shipping. Explicit services vary by manufacturer. 

Benefits of Turnkey Manufacturing

In addition to the benefits offered via contract manufacturing—secure market entry, increased field knowledge and lowered costs—turnkey services support the following: 

  • Efficient: outsourcing streamlines ingredient sourcing, production and distribution
  • Preferable Packaging: they handle packaging, labeling and distribution for you
  • Set Timelines: utilizing one manufacturer prevents delays and supports orderly turnover

Which is Right for You? 

Contract manufacturing and turnkey services offer varied supports for varied needs. If you have nutraceutical ventures you would like to pursue—contract or turnkey— contact Mineralife Nutraceuticals today!

Mineralife offers both services. We love to set up frequent calls with our clients to check in on progress, provide real-time updates to their project and discuss forecasting. 

Transparency is important to us, and we know it is important to our customers as well.