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Delivering Hope Since 2008

In 2008, Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC was founded to help bring honesty and transparency into the world of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals delivering hope that customers can count on.

“…by using high quality, really good and carefully manufactured dietary supplements, people were able to get their lives back. I could just see that and feel that sense of hope coming back into people. And that’s really been my key focus—how do you develop dietary supplements that have this high level of absorption and therefore a high level of usability, because my mission is to deliver hope, and I want to make sure we deliver products that actually work.”

– Neil Butterfield, Founder and CEO

Meet Our Founder and CEO, Neil Butterfield

Neil Butterfield, owner and founder of Mineralife, has been interested in nutrition and wellness since he can remember. Professionally, he spent years as a Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Consultant and also managed his own Dietary Supplement mail order business.

In the early 2000’s Neil saw firsthand how natural supplements and minerals can turn someone’s life around. So, he began studying Nutritional Therapy at Thames Valley University. Later, he completed his studies of Human Health under Dr. Lawrence Wilson at Westbrook University.

Since then, Neil has been guiding Mineralife Nutraceuticals into becoming one of the nation’s most trusted dietary supplement manufacturers and nutraceutical companies.

Neil resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his beautiful wife Kristy, their daughter Makenzie, their son Ethan, and their two dogs. He has been featured as a guest on radio shows across the United States and is widely considered an expert in the health and wellness field by medical professionals across America and abroad.

The Mineralife Story

Mineralife Nutraceuticals is a custom dietary manufacturing company dedicated to creating supplements with the bioavailability needed to be truly effective. We believe you are what you absorb and that is why we work hard to bring safe and effective products to life.

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