Liposomal Vitamin C: Is It Better Than Standard Vitamin C?

We discussed previously what liposomal delivery systems are. They have holistic benefits that add to your supplement experience. Liposomal delivery allows the supplement nutrients to take greater effect. Their bioavailability increases in the intended absorption areas.

What is Vitamin C? 

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble nutrient that offers broad-based value in the body. It is necessary for the following body processes to occur:

  • Cartilage, Blood Vessel & Collagen Formation
  • Store & Absorb Iron
  • Protects Cells from Free Radicals
  • Aids the Natural Healing Processes
  • Antioxidant Function

Vitamin C is not naturally produced by the body, so it is important to intentionally consume it to ensure health in the above processes. Vitamin C can be found in foods—citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, potatoes—making deficiency unlikely in a rounded diet. Certain conditions and lifestyles do promote deficiency, in which case supplementation may be beneficial. The daily recommended intake is 75 milligrams for adult women and 90 milligrams for adult men. 

Benefits of Liposomal Vitamins

Vitamin C is absorbed in the small intestine via proteins. What is not absorbed is then excreted because it is a water-soluble nutrient. When supplementing with standard Vitamin C tablets, ineffective over-supplementation tends to occur. This means you are excreting the bulk nutritional value of the supplement, unlikely to experience the benefit. 

*Look out for brands marketing high dose Vitamin C. Higher dosage does not equate to higher efficacy* Remember, you are not what you take. You are what you absorb

Liposomal Vitamin C helps to absolve the absorption issue! Liposomal Vitamin C holds the vitamin in a fat-soluble casing that prevents early release and promotes cellular absorption. It also prevents acid degradation when passing from the stomach to the small intestine. This ensures greater bioavailability at the absorption site. Liposomal Vitamin C ensures you experience optimal absorption and Vitamin C sufficiency.

Why Should You Choose Liposomal Vitamin C?

Above, we outline the benefits of switching your standard Vitamin C tablets for Liposomal Vitamin C supplements, but you may still be asking yourself why YOU should be making the change. See an expanded list of Liposomal Vitamin C Benefits below:

  • Increased Absorption: liposomes prevent breakdown and increase bioavailability
  • Save Money: a smaller dosage offers the same effect due to increased absorption
  • Fewer Side Effects: successful absorption prevents excess secretions
  • Enhances Existing Effects: positive effects of Vitamin C are enhanced

Liposomal Vitamin C assists in effective, holistic nutrient absorption. Supplementation should aid in positive health experiences. Liposomal delivery systems help in doing so.