Liposomal Delivery in Nutraceuticals

Nutraceutical prevalence and research grows exponentially each year. With that growth comes brand competitiveness. The market is encouraging nutraceutical brands to refine the quality of delivery mechanisms. Consumers are demanding effective products. Research responsively created liposomal delivery systems that elevate nutraceutical absorption and effect. 

Liposomes: Advanced Nutraceutical Delivery System

The quality of nutrients you supplement is vital—we know that. What many don’t realize is that delivery mechanisms hold an equally important role. If a supplement releases the nutrients at inopportune times, you will not experience your desired effects. Liposomal delivery is biologically intelligent. It was created to deliver nutrients in the desired, optimal location. 

Liposomes function as nutraceutical delivery drivers, delivering nutrients to our body cells.  Liposomes are created with hydrophilic (water soluble) heads and hydrophobic (water avoidant) tails, making them fat-soluble. This dual nature allows manufacturers to encapsulate desired nutrients in each supplement with targeted delivery upon consumption. The fat-soluble composition allows nutrients to be delivered to the correct cells. This allows optimal absorption takes place. The nutrients transported in liposomes range from vitamins to minerals to coenzymes. 

Why Choose Liposomal Delivery?

Liposomal delivery increases absorption through bioavailability. Less efficient means of absorption are bypassed. The substance reaches intended cellular destinations. Regardless of nutrient quality and dosage, you will not receive desired benefits if you are not adequately absorbing the nutrient in the intended cellular area.

After all, you are not what you take. You are what you absorb

Advantages of Liposomal Delivery

  • Bioavailability: higher absorption than other oral supplements
  • Increased Delivery: increased intracellular delivery
  • Inclusive: ideal for those who cannot swallow tablets
  • Adjustable: allows for incremental dosing for all ages
  • Cost Effective: lower dosages offer the same effect