What is a Veggie Capsule?

What is a Veggie Capsule?

Veggie Capsules are extremely popular for vegan supplement manufacturing. From 2014 to 2021 the percentage of Americans that follow a vegetarian or vegan diet has increased 5%. Every year the number of Americans participating in vegetarian ‘challenges’ is increasing 20% or more. Further, as people begin to consider environmental health when making dietary choices – they are looking for more vegetarian food options. 

What is a veggie capsule made from?

The veggie capsule is a great alternative to its gelatin counterpart that is made from boiling animal hooves, skin, and bones. A veggie capsule’s origin is cellulose that comes from pine and spruce trees, a more renewable, less environmentally-threatening resource. 

Since the veggie capsule does not contain animal by-products it is generally Kosher and Halal certified as well. This can increase your customer base by making it more inclusive of other dietary restrictions. 

Is the functionality the same as a gelatin capsule?

In comparison to animal-derived gelatin, veggie capsules function the same. Digestibility is delayed allowing for a slow-release of the active ingredients in your custom supplement formula. The veggie capsule, like the gelatin capsule, can come in different sizes and colors if necessary. 

Overall, the functionality of the veggie capsule should not cause any issues for private-label fulfillment. 

Are there any restrictions?

No, veggie capsules can be used for both powder and gel formulations. 

Are there any differences besides how it is made?

At the end of the day, you will see the main difference is cost. A veggie capsule is likely going to cost more than a gelatin capsule. With that said, in larger quantities, you may find generous price breaks. If you are working with a turnkey supplement manufacturer, ask if they have special relationships with vendors to keep costs low for their customers. 

Having a product that can meet the needs of the many different dietary specifications that exist today is important. It will help grow your customer base, build trust, promote inclusion, and maintain a reputation for quality, easy-to-digest capsule products.