Softgel FAQ

We are offering answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding softgel supplements. 

What Are Softgel Supplements?

Softgels deliver nutrients orally via specialized capsules. They utilize a gelatinous shell that holds liquid vitamins and minerals within. The gelatinous texture allows the capsule to easily break down once it reaches the intestinal tract. After it dissolves, the encapsulated nutrients are released and absorbed into the bloodstream for efficient use by the body. 

How Are They Made?

Softgel supplement manufacturing requires extensive machinery knowledge. Below we offer a simplified version of the average manufacturing process: 

  1. Internal components—the supplemental nutrient—undergo quality-control checks
  2. Gelatin, glycerin and water are blended to create the capsule base
  3. Nutrient fills—that will go in the capsule—are diluted to the correct potency
  4. The capsule base is cooled into two gel sheets & formed into the desired capsule shape
  5. As the two sheets come together, the nutrient fill is injected into the capsule
  6. A rotating drum minimally dries the softgels until they maintain a consistent shape
  7. They then undergo a controlled air-dry outside of the rotating drum
  8. Once dried, they are packaged for delivery and consumption 

Though softgel manufacturing offers standardized supplement capsulation, procedures and machinery may vary by manufacturer.  

Is Manufacturing More Expensive?


Softgel manufacturing requires intricate technology and knowledgeable manufacturers. The expertise, machinery, quality and efficacy come at an increased cost. 

Benefits of Softgel Supplements

  • Increased Bioavailability: stabilizing techniques allow for controlled release
  • Easy To Swallow: flexible & smooth exterior with no taste & smell 
  • Rapid Release: promotes fast dispersion & absorption into the bloodstream
  • Air Tight Seal: hermetic seal protects nutrient contents from light & oxygen
  • Precise Dosage: accurate dosing supports the effectiveness of low & ultralow doses

Does Mineralife Manufacture Softgel Supplements?

Yes! Starting in 2023, Mineralife Nutraceuticals will offer softgel manufacturing services to our clients. Inquire with us today.