Mineralife Nutraceuticals FAQ

About Mineralife Nutraceuticals

Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC supports global accessibility to health and wellness. We were founded to help bring honesty and transparency into the world of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals—delivering hope that customers can count on.

Mineralife is a supplement manufacturer created to help others source, create and reach their supplement goals via contract manufacturing. Manufacturing supplements in-house is desirable but not always feasible. Materials and time are finite resources; contract manufacturing expertise is costly. The former should not prevent your supplement production goals. 

Our Philosophy

You are what you absorb.

When it comes to supplements, it is not what you take, but what you absorb, that counts. Therefore, our personal retail brand specially formulates supplements with ingredients that catalyze the absorption of essential nutrients. We use proprietary and advanced delivery systems that mirror nature to deliver the nutrients your body needs.

Does Mineralife Offer Custom Supplement Manufacturing?


We specialize in private label fulfillment, offering turnkey supplement manufacturing services from start to finish. Our dedicated Account Managers will work with you to ensure your custom supplements come to life.

Is Mineralife Third-Party cGMP Certified?


Mineralife staff and facilities are Third-Party cGMP certified. So, you can rest assured working with us on your next project.

We abide by all cGMP manufacturing standards every step of the way. We require third-party testing for all incoming materials, bulk materials, and finished goods and follow strict cGMP standards. Mineralife is registered with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and FDA-registered, and audited, with zero warning letters to date. We take our work seriously and want to ensure the safety of all products and clients.

Is cGMP Certification Manufacturing Important?


When dealing with nutraceuticals, cGMP certification is crucial. It ensures the quality and efficacy of supplements—preventing contaminated and adulterated supplements from entering the market, promoting user safety. 

Does Mineralife Manufacture Softgel Supplements?

Yes! Starting in 2023, Mineralife Nutraceuticals will offer softgel manufacturing services to our clients. Inquire with us today. 

Does Mineralife Incorporate Liposomal Delivery Systems?

Our founder always states…

It is not what you take, but what you absorb, that is important!

So, YES!

Mineralife functions on the belief that the most important thing is absorbing the nutrients inside the supplement. They practice liposomal delivery to ensure their customers consume—and clients create—effective supplements. 

Why Choose Liposomal Delivery?

Liposomal delivery increases absorption through bioavailability. This system bypasses less efficient means of delivery. Therefore, substances reach intended cellular destinations. Regardless of nutrient quality and dosage, you will not receive desired benefits if you are not adequately absorbing nutrients in the intended cellular area.

After all, you are not what you take but what you absorb. 

Why Should You Partner with Mineralife Nutraceuticals?

Mineralife ensures all operations and processes are carried out above and beyond regulatory requirements. It is capsule manufacturing that you can trust. Below are our key attributes and offers: 

  • Quality Ingredient Sourcing from Around the Globe
  • Manufacturing in Colorado Springs at Our Own Facility
  • Competitive Pricing and Reasonable Turnaround Times
  • cGMP Compliant and FDA Registered Facility Practices
  • Third-Party Testing, Shelf-Life Stability Testing and more
  • Label Control and Regulatory Compliance

Beyond capsulizing, we offer turnkey supplement manufacturing. Our facility can support your supplement production via turnkey services—producing both powder- and liquid-based products. We offer the following services: 

  • Powder Capsule Supplements
  • Quality Ingredients from Around the Globe
  • Liquid Mineral Supplements
  • Global Supply Chain and Raw Material Procurement
  • Vitamin Manufacturing
  • Quality Control

Where Should I Reach Out If I Am Interested in Private Labeling?

If you have nutraceutical ventures you would like to pursue—custom manufacturing, white-labeling, co-packaging services—we would love to help!

Contact Mineralife Nutraceuticals Today!

Mineralife offers all of the above services. We love to set up frequent calls with our clients to check in on progress, provide real-time updates to their project, and discuss forecasting. 

Transparency is important to us as providers and to you as our client.