Mineralife is Hiring 📢

Mineralife Nutraceuticals is looking to hire a Soft Gel Manufacturing Expert with experience in food or cGMP dietary supplement manufacturing—21 CFR 111 or 21 CFR 117. 

Who is Mineralife Nutraceuticals?

Mineralife Nutraceuticals is a nutraceutical company dedicated to creating, sourcing and making accessible cGMP certified goods. 

Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC was founded in 2008 to help bring honesty and transparency into the world of dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. We strive to deliver hope that customers can count on. People buy supplements—hoping—that they will actually work for them. 

Our mission is to deliver hope by helping develop products that actually work.

Our team is composed of individuals dedicated to health and wellness—in their own lives and the broader community. Whether our team members are canyoneering or walking local trails, they are dedicated to the pursuit of wellness. Personal and professional comradery allow the Mineralife team to work together—creating goods that support the wellness of the global community. 

Our Philosophy: You Are What You Absorb

When you choose to supplement—it is not what you take—but what you absorb that counts. Mineralife understands the importance of absorption in creating a positive supplement experience. 

Our personal retail brand is formulated with ingredients that support the absorption of essential nutrients. We use advanced delivery systems that mirror nature to supply the nutrients your body needs. We ensure the product is highly bioavailable within the body.

Interested in working with Mineralife Nutraceuticals? Tell us a little bit about you by filling out the form below and we will reach out.