Liposomal Delivery FAQ

We are offering answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding liposomal delivery.

What Is Liposomal Delivery? 

Liposomes were created to deliver nutrients to our cells. Their structure allows them to withstand the digestive tract. Thus, ensuring the nutrients reach their intended destination in the body. They have water soluble heads and water avoidant tails—making them fat-soluble. Their dual nature allows manufacturers to encapsulate nutrients for targeted supplement delivery. Liposomes increase bioavailability. Increased bioavailability allows for increased nutrient absorption. 

What About Nutrient Absorption? 

Oral supplements typically come in a capsule, tablet or liquid tincture form. Standard oral supplements cannot withstand our stomach acidity—thus promoting early release. Early release decreases bioavailability. Decreased bioavailability decreases potential nutrient absorption. 

Liposomal supplements encapsulate nutrients in fat-soluble membranes. This allows them to withstand harsh environments and accurately deliver nutrients. Liposomal delivery increases bioavailability. Increased bioavailability allows for increased nutrient absorption. Remember…

You are what you absorb!

To experience the benefits of supplementation, your body must absorb the nutrients. Liposomal delivery supports absorption. Therefore, it is the ideal supplement delivery mechanism. 

Is it More Expensive?

Manufacturing liposomal supplements comes at a cost. But it is a cost worth paying. While the upfront production costs are higher than standard tablet supplements, liposomal supplements sell at a higher price point. The cost returns twofold. Consumers are willing to pay the higher price point as efficient absorption allows smaller doses of quality liposomal supplements to function more effectively than high dose tablets.


  • Bioavailability: higher absorption than other oral supplements
  • Increased Delivery: increased intracellular delivery
  • Inclusive: ideal for those who cannot swallow tablets
  • Adjustable: allows for incremental dosing for all ages
  • Cost Effective: lower dosages offer the same effect

Does Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC Practice Liposomal Delivery?

Our founder always states…

It is not what you take, it is what you absorb that is important!

So, YES!

Mineralife Nutraceuticals functions on the belief that the most important thing is absorbing the nutrients inside the supplement. They practice liposomal delivery to ensure their customers consume—and clients create—effective supplements.