How to Find A Supplement Manufacturer

How to Find A Supplement Manufacturer

Looking for the perfect private label supplement manufacturer in the USA does not have to be a long, arduous task. If you have already created a brand, built a customer base and are ready to start manufacturing your product on a large scale – you have done the hard part! 

When searching for a partner in private label dietary supplement manufacturing just remember your A, B, C’s.

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A – Additional Services – Turnkey Supplement Manufacturer 

Working with a private label supplement manufacturer who offers start to finish services can help keep costs low and maintain the quality and integrity of your product. A custom formula supplement manufacturer who can source raw materials and components, fill, label, package and complete third-party testing all in one place is ideal. If not, you begin managing many different projects increasing the chance for error, contamination, and worse wasted time. In 2021 specifically there are many supply chain issues and delays. Having the option to have more services handled by one supplement manufacturer the better. 

B – Background Check – FDA-Registered, cGMP, Other Certifications

The best private label supplement manufacturers are going to be registered with the FDA. You can check if they have been inspected as well as inspection results here: Inspection Classification Database Search. This database is updated monthly. They will also follow and exceed cGMP standards in terms of production, quality measures, shipping & receiving and everything in between. If you are searching for private label CBD suppliers in the state of Colorado you can easily find a list of approved vendors by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment here: Industrial Hemp Approved Source List.  

C – Control – Quality Control, Inventory Control, and more 

Some important questions to ask your potential custom supplement manufacturer about their quality systems: 

  • How are raw materials and components checked in and stored in the facility? 
  • Are there label control & regulatory measures in place? 
  • What testing is required for your product, and will you receive the proof of results upon completion of the project? (i.e. Certificate of Analysis, etc.) 
  • Are there options for specific testing such as Non-GMO, gluten-free, and other allergen-specific needs you may have? 

If they are sourcing ingredients for you, what processes are in place to ensure the supplier matches your quality standards? Depending on your forecasted manufacturing needs, are they able to keep bulk inventory on-hand for future PO’s to speed turnaround times? These questions are great to quickly determine if Quality Standards are a high priority to your potential supplement manufacturing partner.