Contract Manufacturing – How Can Mineralife Serve You?

Though manufacturing supplements in-house is desirable, it is not always feasible. Materials and time are finite resources and contract manufacturing expertise is costly. The former should not prevent your supplement production goals. 

Mineralife Nutraceuticals supports global accessibility to health and wellness. We are a cGMP supplement manufacturer. We are here to help others source, create and reach their supplement goals via contract manufacturing. 

What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract Manufacturing is a form of outsourcing. It is an agreement between a manufacturer and company. The manufacturer makes products, or product components, on a predetermined timeline. 

Regarding partial manufacturing, the manufacturer completes their portion, and the outsourcing company uses the partial product to complete their own manufacturing. If the contract manufacturer is wholly producing the product for the outsourcing company, then they will return the completed product for distribution.

What Is A cGMP Supplement Manufacturer?

A cGMP supplement manufacturer is a supplement contract manufacturer that holds cGMP certification. Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certification, ensures product control within a company with subsequent quality standards.

cGMP Certification ensures product legitimacy and quality.

Mineralife Nutraceuticals is a cGMP manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in formulation, manufacturing and packaging capsule supplements. We are an FDA-registered and inspected facility. 

Why Should You Partner with Mineralife Nutraceuticals?

Mineralife ensures all operations and processes are carried out above and beyond regulatory requirements. It is capsule manufacturing that you can trust. Below are our key attributes and offers: 

  • Quality Ingredient Sourcing from Around the Globe
  • Manufacturing in Colorado Springs at Our Own Facility
  • Competitive Pricing and Reasonable Turnaround Times
  • cGMP Compliant and FDA Registered Facility Practices
  • Third-Party Testing, Shelf-Life Stability Testing and more
  • Label Control and Regulatory Compliance

Beyond capsulizing, we offer turnkey supplement manufacturing. Our facility can support your supplement production via turnkey services—producing both powder- and liquid-based products. We offer the following services: 

  • Powder Capsule Supplements
  • Quality Ingredients from Around the Globe
  • Liquid Mineral Supplements
  • Global Supply Chain and Raw Material Procurement
  • Vitamin Manufacturing
  • Quality Control

Quick Facts: 

Contract manufacturing is a form of outsourcing. Companies that lack time, funding and expertise outsource supplement production to private label manufacturers.

Mineralife offers the following: 

  • cGMP Certification: ensuring product control and quality standards
  • Turnkey Supplement Manufacturing: manufacture your supplements start to finish
  • Types of Supplements: we create powders, capsules, tinctures and liquids to support your unique company

If you have nutraceutical ventures you would like to pursue—custom manufacturing, CBD, white-labeling, co-packaging services—we would love to help! Contact us today about your contract manufacturing needs!