What is a Veggie Capsule?

What is a Veggie Capsule?

Veggie Capsules are extremely popular for vegan supplement manufacturing. From 2014 to 2021 the percentage of Americans that follow a vegetarian or vegan diet has increased 5%. Every year the number of Americans participating in vegetarian ‘challenges’ is increasing 20% or more. Further, as people begin to consider environmental health when making dietary choices – they are looking for more vegetarian food options. 

What is a veggie capsule made from?

The veggie capsule is a great alternative to its gelatin counterpart that is made from boiling animal hooves, skin, and bones. A veggie capsule’s origin is cellulose that comes from pine and spruce trees, a more renewable, less environmentally-threatening resource. 

Since the veggie capsule does not contain animal by-products it is generally Kosher and Halal certified as well. This can increase your customer base by making it more inclusive of other dietary restrictions. 

Is the functionality the same as a gelatin capsule?

In comparison to animal-derived gelatin, veggie capsules function the same. Digestibility is delayed allowing for a slow-release of the active ingredients in your custom supplement formula. The veggie capsule, like the gelatin capsule, can come in different sizes and colors if necessary. 

Overall, the functionality of the veggie capsule should not cause any issues for private-label fulfillment. 

Are there any restrictions?

No, veggie capsules can be used for both powder and gel formulations. 

Are there any differences besides how it is made?

At the end of the day, you will see the main difference is cost. A veggie capsule is likely going to cost more than a gelatin capsule. With that said, in larger quantities, you may find generous price breaks. If you are working with a turnkey supplement manufacturer, ask if they have special relationships with vendors to keep costs low for their customers. 

Having a product that can meet the needs of the many different dietary specifications that exist today is important. It will help grow your customer base, build trust, promote inclusion, and maintain a reputation for quality, easy-to-digest capsule products.

How to White Label CBD Products

How to White Label CBD Products

Before we begin, let’s talk about the difference between white label CBD products and custom CBD formulations from a private label supplement manufacturer. 

CBD White Label

This is a good option for you if: 

  • You do not have your own custom formula 
  • You have flexibility in the products you want to offer your customers
  • You are working under a strict timeline 
  • You prefer lower minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) 

A conversation with a white label supplement company may start like this: 

You: I’m interested in selling a CBD Tincture, peppermint flavored to my clients but would prefer you to supply the ingredients, container, and packaging as I do not currently have the needed Supplier relationships built. 

Manufacturer: Absolutely! We will send over our product line right away for you to look at our options for you to put under your brand. Our minimums start at 250 bottles, and we offer price breaks as your order quantities increase. Every product is made to a strict quality standard, and you will receive all necessary Quality paperwork (i.e. Certificate of Analysis) when the final product is shipped to you! 

Custom CBD Formulation

Custom supplements may be the option for you if you have developed your own, unique formula and need a turnkey supplement manufacturer to bring that product to life. It may be a tincture, powder capsule, or even a CBD drink mix. 

In this case, you will work with your contract manufacturer on who is going to supply the raw materials, components, and more. Minimum order quantities for custom products are generally higher due to their unique nature. 

So, You Have Decided to White Label CBD….

Okay, now that we have a better understanding of the difference between while label and custom formulations we can move forward with finding a white label supplement manufacturer.  

First things first, you want to ensure that your manufacturer holds high-Quality Standards. In the state of Colorado, you can check this list to see if they are registered and approved with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. This is a great place to start. 

From there, set up a phone call. Quick response times are always a good sign when developing a new relationship. If the company takes 1 week to get back to you, how long will it take to turn around your product? 

Generally, the cost of white label supplements is pre-determined. Receiving a quote fast should not be an issue if the company is established and you are ordering off their Stock Product Menu. Remember, white labeling does not offer many (if any!) customization options. 

Great questions to ask to start the conversation with a white label supplement manufacturer are: 

  • What are your Quality Standards? 
  • What are you Minimum Order Quantities per SKU (product)? 
  • What are your turnaround times for a Stock Product? 
  • Do you have a Label Regulatory team to ensure my label is compliant?
  • What testing information will be provided with the final product when shipped? 

Understanding the answers to these questions will have you well on your way of picking the best option for you and your business. 

Ready to learn more now? Call Mineralife Nutraceuticals, LLC located in Colorado Springs, Colorado to learn more about their white labeling service at 1-800-303-1376. 

How to Find A Supplement Manufacturer

How to Find A Supplement Manufacturer

Looking for the perfect private label supplement manufacturer in the USA does not have to be a long, arduous task. If you have already created a brand, built a customer base and are ready to start manufacturing your product on a large scale – you have done the hard part! 

When searching for a partner in private label dietary supplement manufacturing just remember your A, B, C’s.

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A – Additional Services – Turnkey Supplement Manufacturer 

Working with a private label supplement manufacturer who offers start to finish services can help keep costs low and maintain the quality and integrity of your product. A custom formula supplement manufacturer who can source raw materials and components, fill, label, package and complete third-party testing all in one place is ideal. If not, you begin managing many different projects increasing the chance for error, contamination, and worse wasted time. In 2021 specifically there are many supply chain issues and delays. Having the option to have more services handled by one supplement manufacturer the better. 

B – Background Check – FDA-Registered, cGMP, Other Certifications

The best private label supplement manufacturers are going to be registered with the FDA. You can check if they have been inspected as well as inspection results here: Inspection Classification Database Search. This database is updated monthly. They will also follow and exceed cGMP standards in terms of production, quality measures, shipping & receiving and everything in between. If you are searching for private label CBD suppliers in the state of Colorado you can easily find a list of approved vendors by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment here: Industrial Hemp Approved Source List.  

C – Control – Quality Control, Inventory Control, and more 

Some important questions to ask your potential custom supplement manufacturer about their quality systems: 

  • How are raw materials and components checked in and stored in the facility? 
  • Are there label control & regulatory measures in place? 
  • What testing is required for your product, and will you receive the proof of results upon completion of the project? (i.e. Certificate of Analysis, etc.) 
  • Are there options for specific testing such as Non-GMO, gluten-free, and other allergen-specific needs you may have? 

If they are sourcing ingredients for you, what processes are in place to ensure the supplier matches your quality standards? Depending on your forecasted manufacturing needs, are they able to keep bulk inventory on-hand for future PO’s to speed turnaround times? These questions are great to quickly determine if Quality Standards are a high priority to your potential supplement manufacturing partner. 

Do Liquid Multivitamins + Minerals Work Better?

Do Liquid Multivitamins + Minerals Work Better?

The supplement industry is everchanging and for the average consumer, it can be hard to keep up with the most effective way to get the nutrients you need. At the end of the day, the answer is simple. The consumer will choose the product they can fit into their lifestyle and that they can feel the difference when taking it. 

Nutrient absorption is extremely important and achievable for liquid supplement manufacturing and powder supplement manufacturing. With that said, you may have to work just a little bit harder to achieve ultimate bioavailability for a powder supplement vs. a liquid supplement.

Absorbing Liquid Supplements 

Liquid supplements are going to enter directly into the bloodstream when taken. Other capsule or tablet counterparts will have to work their way through the digestive system potentially losing important nutrients along the way. Further, the process of digestion may be too slow leading to excretion of important vitamins and minerals you meant to absorb. Liquid supplements do not have to go through this process – they are utilized immediately within the body. 

Serving Liquid Supplements

Liquids tend to be easier to swallow for all age groups, young and old. If something is easier to take, then the likelihood is that you will take it more. Also, if your customers are on a special program where they require specific amounts of nutrients, liquids will be easier to correctly serve yourself the right amount. 

Ingredients in Liquids vs Powders

The manufacturing equipment, length of shelf-life needed and type of active ingredients in your product are all important considerations when formulating a product. For powder or tablet supplements, these factors could lead to the ‘Other Ingredients’ becoming a long list of not-so-good-for-you fillers. Whereas liquid supplements tend to need fewer extra ingredients to create a finished product. 

Mineralife Nutraceuticals specializes in finding science-backed solutions for both liquid and powder supplements, ensuring no unnecessary fillers or additives are in either type of supplement. They also have 11+ years of experience developing absorption techniques for liquid and powder supplements. 

So, do liquid multivitamins + minerals work better?
The answer is it depends. 

It will depend on who you choose to work with on your custom supplement and if they will guide you towards a highly effective, bioavailable formula or not.